Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is used to install the same diameter pipe into a host pipe or up-sizing the diameter of pipe, generally by 4 inches.  The machines will burst or cut the old pipe and pull the replacement pipe behind the bursting head.  This saves on social impact and the removal of surface items (trees, shrubs, swing sheds, gardens, utilities, etc.)

We use both pneumatic and static, depending on the project.  Static bursting requires a larger pit for the machine to be placed in whole, machine rods are pushed through the host pipe and then connected to the new product.  Static is generally used for larger up-sizing of pipe diameters.  Pneumatic is used for tighter areas that have less set up room.  This requires the use of compressed air with an air hose installed through the inside of the pipe, attached to a larger diameter piercing tool, bursting head attached and connected to a cable that has been installed.

S&S has vast experience with pipe bursting for many municipalities.  We’ve been involved with projects from 6″ sewer to bursting 24″ reinforced concrete pipe and installing 26″ HDPE.  We’ve also worked with a prime contractor to pipe burst a 8″ cast iron water main and install pre-chlorinated 12″ water main.

Our projects include competent, trained personnel, trench safety equipment, HDPE-certified personnel, confined space entry trained personnel, complete range of bursting equipment at our disposal, as well as a full range of excavation equipment.

Pipe bursting

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