Underground Infrastructure Installation

Our crews are equipped install HDPE, Certa-Lok, ductile iron, conduit and utilities from 1-36” in diameter, up to 1,500 LF. Contact us for a free estimate on your underground infrastructure installation project.

Directional Drilling

Invented in the 1920s, horizontal directional drilling is a proven solution that has advanced with technology. Also known as directional boring, it has many advantages over traditional trench methods, including:

  • Deeper and longer installation
  • Less soil is displayed, saving time, money & labor to put it back
  • Easier installation under rivers and roads
  • Less disruption in environmentally-sensitive areas
  • Pipes have less exposure to the elements, less wear and tear, and a longer lifespan

We offer turnkey trenchless solutions from start to finish. Contact us to find out more.

Hydro Excavation

When it comes to investigating for underground utilities, traditional methods are costly and messy. Hydro excavation allows us to move soil effectively, efficiently and with less disturbance than other methods.

Our equipment uses pressurized water with air vacuum to cut through soil, even in challenging conditions. Debris is then cleared from the work area, leaving a precisely excavated zone.

How can hydro excavation make your next project easier? It’s ideal for high-traffic areas, as it requires less equipment that can be positioned further away. It also reduces risk of damage to underground utilities, reducing the risk of costly downtime and repairs.

Contact us to see if your next project is a good fit for hydro excavation technology.

Underground Infrastructure Repair

Have an underground infrastructure repair project? Our sister company, Advanced Rehabilitation Technology, can assist. The highly-trained team at ART specializes in repair and preservation for large wastewater structures, manholes and culverts. Visit the ART website for more information.