Hydro Excavation

When it comes to investigating for underground utilities, traditional methods are costly and messy.  Hydro excavation allows us to move soil effectively, efficiently and with less disturbance than other methods.

Our equipment uses pressurized water with air vacuum to cut through soil, even in challenging conditions.  Debris is then cleared from the work area, leaving a precisely excavated zone.  We also have 5 vac trucks and a vac trailer for your utility project needs.

How can hydro excavation make your next project easier?  It’s ideal for high-traffic areas, as it requires less equipment that can be positioned further away.  Some people refer to it as soft excavation.  High pressure water and suction is used to expose utilities that have been marked by 811 members.  It also reduces risk of damage to underground utilities, and decreases the risk of costly downtime and repairs from using excavation equipment.

Hydro excavation

Contact us to see if your next project is a good fit for hydro excavation technology.